Measuring Impact

Boch Center's arts education programs are inspiring the next generation of creative thinkers, doers, and leaders.

Now more than ever, creativity is essential for future leaders in every industry. The arts not only instill creativity but support academic achievement by encouraging positive attitudes about school, providing a new lens to understand academic concepts, improving retention, and even increasing graduation rates.

Boch Center's youth participants measurably:

Develop confidence, leadership and job skills using the arts as a platform.
  • 66% of youth increase their comfort working in group and exchanging ideas.
Experience creative learning opportunities not available elsewhere.
  • 40% of youth had no previous arts exposure before participating.
Learn to value creative experiences.
  • 73% of youth express desire to continue arts learning after participating.
Practice skills involved in performing and creating works of art.
  • 86% of youth use their performance to express themselves to an audience.
Engage more effectively in the classroom.
  • 68% of youth increase their comfort expressing themselves confidently in the classroom.
Recognize links between academic curricula, learning, and the value of creativity in the workforce.
  • 73% of youth and 100% of teachers recognize broader application of arts to other classroom learning.

2016 City Spotlights Leadership Program -
By The Numbers

61 City Spotlights Leaders (ages 15-19)

1 Alumni Intern (age 19+)

7 Junior Assistants (all alumni of Education programs)

4 Teaching Artist Assistants

5 Teaching Artists

15 Special Guest Speakers/Artists

33,477 Audience Members through 329 Street Performances

1,201 Youth Participants through 23 Leader-led Workshops at Community Center, Camp, and Library sites

22 Neighborhoods through Street Performances and Community Workshops

425+ Final Showcase Audience Members

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