Grade 12, Nobles & Greenough School


Through my smile I am able to bring positivity and optimism. I also am a very persistent person who pushes herself and her peers.

Two unique personal strengths I have are

Every day I wake up to the smiling face of my 4 year old sister. Her smile drives me to achieve. My parents also play a significant role and I am influenced by them. Each day I watch as they strive to provide me and my 3 siblings a better life. It is because of them that I push myself academically, creatively, and physically.

What are you the most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of my voice. There was once a time in which I was a timid young child. Now I have come to realize that the voice is one of my most powerful tools. With it I have the ability to create both sorrow and joy. Through my voice I am capable of creating and inspiring, and someday I hope to do just that.