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Compagnie Accrorap

Groups of 10 or more SAVE on Compagnie Accrorap! Presented by the Celebrity Series of Boston

Only 2 performance in the Boch Center Shubert Theatre!

Compagnie Accrorap artistic director, dancer, and choreographer, Kader Attou, is a native of Lyon and a leading representative of the French hip-hop dance movement. Emphasizing humanistic engagement and cultural blending, Compagnie Accrorap embodies a unique alchemy of hip hop, circus, and contemporary dance. This alchemy is the basis for the thrilling, evening- length work, The Roots.

“Kader Attou is one of the rare people to render palpable on stage, partly through his choice of music rap beats, oriental melodies and French songs: a positive image of a multi-coloured, popular culture for France, with no discrimination.” —LE MONDE

Groups of 10 or more buy now!
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Performance Date
Friday February 2, 2018 7:30pm
Saturday February 3, 2018 8:00pm

Locations Group Prices Regular Prices
Orchestra (A-P) $67.50 $75.00
Orchestra (Q-U) $54.00 $60.00
Mezzanine Center (A-C) & Left/Right (A-B) $67.50 $75.00
Mezzanine Center (D) & Left/Right (C-D) $54.00 $60.00

Additional Savings for groups of 50 or more!


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