Ana Laura

Grade 11, Noble and Greenough School


I am involved in Junior Classical League, Animal Rights club, Theater, Dance, Yearbook and Boston Children’s Chorus.

If you could strengthen something in your school, local, or global community, what would it be?

The support systems in my school. My school is a very stressful environment in terms of academics. While this can motivate some people to do better, I think that as a community we need to find better ways to cope.

Who is an artist that inspires you?

Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is the composer and star of “Hamilton”, one of my favorite musicals. He is also Puerto Rican, like me something that I never often see. He has done so much to try and change Broadways status as the “Great White Way” and advocate for Puerto Rico. Lin is a brilliant person who is the very outspoken, hard-worker I strive to be.

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