The Center and the Boch Family agree to multi-year naming sponsorship beginning November 1, 2016

Boston, MA (September 15, 2016) – Citi Performing Arts Center, one of the nation’s foremost nonprofit performing arts institutions and operator of Boston’s Wang and Shubert Theatres, today announced a multi-year naming sponsorship agreement with the Boch Family. As of November 1, 2016, the Center will conclude all operations under the name Citi Performing Arts Center and start doing business as the Boch Center. The new relationship with Ernie Boch, Jr. and the Boch Family will enhance the Center’s mission to host world-class entertainment, be a steward of historic venues, and provide critically important arts education programming to the community—all while strengthening the local economy.

“We are extremely proud to unite the legacies of two iconic families – the Wang family and the Boch family – through our new relationship with Ernie Boch, Jr.,” said Josiah A. Spaulding, Jr., President & CEO of the Center. “Our commitment to providing free arts education to the community we serve will only be strengthened by Ernie’s own commitment to supporting music education programs through his Music Drives Us Foundation. We thank Citibank for its support over the last ten years, and look forward to continuing our role as the region’s leading performing arts organization for many years to come through our operations as the Boch Center.”

“My family has a long history in celebrating all genres of music and a great respect for the power of the performing arts. The Wang and Shubert are magnificent theatres with great historical value but it’s the programs they provide to the community that are truly inspiring. We’re deeply vested in the cultural and artistic vibrancy of Boston and I’m thrilled be a part of such an important legacy. My foundation, Music Drives Us, will work to support organizations to help keep music in our schools and communities. Together this is going to be an exciting collaboration with a common goal,” stated Ernie Boch, Jr, Pres & CEO of Boch Enterprises.

"The Citi Performing Arts Center has been a creative leader in Boston for decades, and the Wang and Shubert Theatres are two of our city’s most iconic venues,” said Mayor Walsh. “I would like to thank the Boch family, Joe Spaulding, and all partners involved for stepping up and investing in the Center and all of the work it does to present arts programming and provide free arts education initiatives. Arts and culture are what make this city so vibrant, and I look forward to continuing our work to further enhance Boston’s creative culture.”

About the Center – The Center, which includes the Wang and Shubert Theatres, is one of the nation’s foremost nonprofit performing arts institutions. As New England’s largest cultural venue, it honors all aspects of the performing arts offering theatre, opera, classical and popular music, comedy, dance, and Broadway musicals. Its education/public programming initiatives present the City Spotlights Leadership Program and ArtWeek Boston.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Boston’s historic Theatre District, the Center offers a diverse mix of educational workshops and community activities; collaborates with artists and local performing arts organizations; and, acts as a champion for the arts in the Greater Boston community by aggressively helping to make the arts an integral part of the community’s collective, daily experience. For more information, visit