Hip Hop Master Class

Posted 9 December 2010 12:00 AM by Alejandro Hernandez, All Star Intern

Being an intern at the Citi Performing Arts Center Master Classes is one thing I enjoy, and gain much experience from. The classes broaden my horizons, and expand my creativity to new levels. As a performer I love the spotlight. My talent is mainly focused on my singing, and dancing is not my expertise. When we were told that our Master Class was a hip hop class I instantly became nervous and reluctant. The teaching artist Wyatt Jackson was very knowledgeable in his art form, and also how it can impact your particular art form. He has given me a new appreciation and love for hip hop dancing.

I have always been reluctant and nervous to proceed in dance classes, because I felt I'm not a dancer and it's not my forte. This Master Class really taught me that dancing is more than being as great as everyone else is. Mr. Jackson said ''I'm the best at what I do". I realized that everyone can be great, but as long as “I'm the best at what I do”, it all works out. Master Classes really have an impact on a person, even in the short amount of time. I'm proud to say that I am happily waiting our next dance Master Class.

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