Nutty Nutcracker

Posted 17 December 2010 12:00 AM by Jessica Harms, Teaching Artist

Story Saturdays - December 11, 2010

And then the Nutcracker pulled out his light saber to defeat the Mouse King! May the Force be with you, Nutcracker!

Wait, that’s not the version you know? Yeah, yeah, technically you are right. In the real Nutcracker story there is no Force and there are no light sabers. But there are many twists of this holiday classic, and one such adaptation, “A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas” by Ralph Covert and G Reilly Miles, was used in Story Saturdays at the Boston Public Library.

In “A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas,” the traditional nutcracker tale is twisted and updated. Clara's brother, Fritz, breaks her nutcracker as expected, but this time, as a punishment, his beloved video game, Mouse Hunter 5000, gets locked away in a closet. Fritz also must stay home from a performance of The Nutcracker, while the neighbor, Mr. Drosselmeier babysits. Fritz is very pouty and grumpy about this turn of events until the Mouse King from his game appears in the closet! Of course, the Mouse King is quickly followed by the Nutcracker. Only in this twist, the Nutcracker is...well...different! The Mouse King is determined to stop Christmas, and Fritz and the Nutcracker must save the day.

“A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas” came to life during Story Saturdays with 25 students ages 7-11 creating tableaux (frozen pictures) of Fritz’s trouble-making ways, creating the candy-filled Christmas Wood, and even a visit from the Mouse King himself! With the appearance of the Mouse King the students rushed up to stop him from ruining Christmas and stealing all their presents! They used lassos and sling-shots and yes, even light sabers, to try and stop him. But they were no match for the devious Mouse King.

To find out how the Mouse King was ultimately defeated, check out “A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas” from your local library. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a good read.

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