The Journey Never Ends

Posted 24 April 2011 12:00 AM by Phellip Fonseca, City Spotlights High School Intern

The journey never ends. That is something I learned throughout the course of this program, life is a never ending realization of oneself. There's always work to be done, someone to be helped, a change to be made. In the early stages of the program things were awkward, being the latest intern to come in things were a little shaky. At times I felt like I had to earn my stripes with the group. However as days progressed it dawned on me how silly that was. “Here I am with a group of other teenagers eager for a change, why am I so nervous?” I thought.

Soon those butterflies transformed into excitement, hope, courage, and a hunger for change. I shared a lot with my peers throughout the short course of this program, things that needed to be said and felt good saying it. Often times I saw the act of opening up a sign of weakness, consequently closing myself up from nearly everyone. My mother's a Missionary so unfortunately I never grew up with her there all the time. Traveling from country to city to continent was at times overwhelming, but I always admired my Mom for making that leap.

So I guess the spirit of innovation carried on to my genes and the hunger for renovation is alive and well. Meeting new friends, mentors, counselors, companions, and experiences is something a teenager only dreams of. I can proudly say that City Spotlights has made that come true, and ignited a fire of change.

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