Waiting For My Life to Start

Posted 1 April 2011 12:00 AM by Zena Harris, City Spotlights High School Intern

Hi, my name is Zena Harris and I go to Boston Arts Academy for Theatre. I have been into the arts all of my life because my family was always in to and doing the arts all the time. So I just really grew up to love it. I have participated in Citi Performing Arts Center Education programs for 2 years and I love it every time. I do it because I meet people that have the same love for the art. When we come together we make the most fun out of it and that’s when we have the best experience.

Poem, by Zena Harris

Waiting for my life to start is a journey waiting to end

Surrounded by the after

And children that get swept by the wind holding on to what I believe

And the more I shiver like no one before

Looking in the mirror I see something I don’t want to see

Because it reminds me of the part of me I need

Hoping for peace love and everyone to be free

Regretting everything inside that makes me want to hide

Loosening breath to a new born child is a moment you never want to forget

Hoping that they find the right path to spread their wings to fly

Hoping they remember you and all the good inside

Walking down the right path is better than the ride

Cause you know to take it nice and slow

Without having to rush and even if you do

Fall and have a little scratch

You’ll have someone right next to you

To help you get right back

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