City Spotlights Leadership Program: Reflections on Week 3, Part 2

Posted 4 August 2011 12:00 AM by Ela, City Spotlights Leader

Ela, City Spotlights Leader

We come from different backgrounds, we come from everywhere.

But we’re all here for one reason and one reason only: to perform.

Our love of performance binds us better than anything ever could.

In just 3 short weeks, we’ve become a family. 

Where will we go when we part?

The memories made will stay forever in my heart.

Ashanti, City Spotlights Leader

I feel very fortunate to have this job because it is getting me closer to my dreams. My favorite part of the program is acting because I really get to express myself.

Amariah, City Spotlights Leader

So far in this program, I feel things are going quite well. Also I feel like my group, "Love & Relationships," has been making a great amount of progress, especially considering the fact that we have a whole song that sounds professional. Also, I think the "Abusive Relationship" part of our performance has become really deep and emotional. We've added a liturgical-type dance to Beyonce's "I Care."

Sabrina, City Spotlights Leader

After lunch, I feel blah. It's not a bad blah; it’s kind of a "whatever" feeling - neutral, I guess. This weekend I heard some bad news: Amy Winehouse passed away. I was in shock. I didn't believe it at first, then I found out it was true. I really don’t know how to take it. 

She kind of changed my life. When I first heard her music, she was just so easy to connect to. It was different music, and I loved everything about her. She was so amazing. 

Amy Winehouse wasn't afraid to be herself no matter what people thought, she wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind. Her personality and her feelings and her thoughts truly reflected through her music. She allowed me to be myself, allowed me to share only what I wanted people to know and she introduced me to different kinds of music. I will miss her spirit but her misc lives on forever. Only 27, Virgo and talented. 27 Club: Jimi Hendirx, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones and Amy Winehouse.

Tori, City Spotlights Leader


We already learned so many dances, and it's really had to memorize them all because the steps are fast and I get confused. But it's fun!


I’m in the "Following Your Dreams" group and we were really behind with writing our play, but we figured out how to work together and now we’re almost done writing it!

Yani, City Spotlights Leader

Every time we’re all in a big group to learn a new dance, sing or act I feel very comfortable, but when we have to split up into groups I get very nervous and I'll do things half way. Not only does it me me look stupid, it makes my group look dumb too. I know this, but my nervousness takes over me and I can't help it. I feel bad, and I'm trying to work on it but it's very hard. 

Today I was doing better and was excited to dance so I hope this means I'm getting better.

This program is now in its third week and so far we've learned six dances.

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