City Spotlights Leadership Program: Reflections On Week, 4 Part 2

Posted 14 August 2011 12:00 AM by Ela, City Spotlights Leader

Ela, City Spotlights Leader

Excited for flash mob tomorrow, it’s going to be a long day, plus it’s going to rain.

Out of my comfort zone

completely unaware

of how fast the time is going by

and soon you won’t be there

Now a united front, a great big family

Will our paths cross in the future?

Will we meet again?

It’s almost unreal how fast we’ve grown

Unknown, City Spotlights Leader

She has a way of carrying herself positively no matter what. She’s there when you need her here the most. You can tell her anything and guarantee she won’t tell a soul. She pulls you aside when you’re feeling down and tries to figure out a solution every time. If you haven’t guessed who it is yet than you…well you should have just known it was Ramona Lisa all along. I feel comfortable here knowing I’m safe in her presence and knowing she will always be there for me and everyone else.

Jenise, City Spotlights Leader

7/28/11, It’s Jannea’s birhday’s eve

Today was really fun! I can’t wait for tomorrow though because it is Jannea’s birthday. She’s soooo cool and funny and I wish her the best! Anyways I am really excited to go shopping with Sabrina today since I never really got to spend time with her.

Our first Flash Mob is tomorrow! I can’t wait.. I’m sooo excited and I’m going to give it my ALL! 100%! I hope we end up on tv because it is really awesome and we have worked very hard.

Unknown, City Spotlights Leader


big. Warm

Loving caring Loud

Where I feel most myself


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