Just a Moment to Think

Posted 3 August 2011 12:00 AM by Aaron, City Spotlights Leader

I find myself alone sometimes,

I’ve learned to live with it.

Alone means peace

Less stuff to deal with

Less people to take care of

Alone means more time to find what I want

Who I want

Where I want to go in life

But alone, really means just that:

Just one, no one else

No one to compare notes with

Or ask for help

It’s like a journey with no resources

I’ve learned that this , ain’t nothin’

Compared to what loneliness meant to me years ago


This is just a moment to think.

Paloma, City Spotlights Leader

Only 3 more weeks until the BIG SHOW.

The road to success: This journey is definitely exceeding my high expectations. I am grasping acting, vocal, dancing, and confidence skills. We just learned a new dance from Lindsey, and it consists of African and Latin dancing. What I need to work on is articulating and projecting. This is a poem from the point-of-view of a character I'm working on. I am a mean cheerleader…

Stuck in la-la land.

Blind from reality.

All the poison deteriorating me.

Who should I believe.

Tell me is it better to be in the top

with frenemies? Or in the middle

where there is no bigotry and happiness?

To be continued…

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