City Spotlights Leaders Showcase Their Original Work

Posted 19 December 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

"I Wanna Go Back"

By Taylor, City Spotlights Leader

I wanna go back

Back to when I could see color

I wanna go back

Back to when love was something we can feel inside And never lose pride

I wanna go back

To the life I knew we had

And take all this hurt and pain And make that our past

Chorus: I can see grey in a young girl’s eyes

And the tears behind a young boy’s eyes I can feel the burn behind each person’s lies

I wanna go back to when I didn't have to say goodbye I wanna go back

I bet you it was easier to walk the down the Street

No one’s a target a lion lookin for some meat I wanna be his treat Not someone he would beat Cause that ain't me No not T!


Remember fellas used to open a door

And made sure his lady is always secure

Cause it hurt

When you lied

The fact he said he loved

But never tried

So why we here

You girls are really rare

No need to be treated like spare

So don't complain

Unless he hurt you

Worked you

made you break a limb

threw you like a basketball that never hit the rim Forget him and take me back I wanna go back

Please won’t you take me back

“History Her-story My story”

By Kimetra, City Spotlights Leader

History... His story

Why it gotta be his story,

Women were a part of history too,

Why isn't it called her-story?

Why is it "so important,"

Learning things from our past

If everything happened way before my time,

Why we wasting time in history class?

History is important

It affected our lives today.

If it wasn't for the people

Struggling back in the days,

I would be picking cotton,

Not doing theatre & plays.

Martin Luther King,

The man with a dream,

Told the world that blacks were being treated unfairly, mean.

Women made their marks in history

Most history books do not tell.

Women were as important as men,

How many of you heard of Elizabeth Blackwell?

Rejected from every school that she ever applied to

She finally got accepted into New York's Geneva College

This woman had the brains and the knowledge

Graduated as first American female with a medical degree from a college

There are many women who made and are still making their marks in history

When I'm older

A woman at that

Y'all gon' remember me I promise you that

In shining lights

On TV or over a stage

Better believe

That'll be my name

Taking space, making her-story

“Fairy Tale Princesses”

By Gilesa, City Spotlights Leader

The teacher told me to go home and write about what I remember. That should be easy, I thought, up until she said “no guidelines, let your mind wander”. Let my mind wander? I'll probably get in trouble for handing in a paper where I let my mind wander. But I'll try it anyway. I remember what I had for breakfast today. A bacon and egg sandwich, mmm. I mean I remember what I did in physics today and math, I even think I remember first grade. I know what I won’t remember ages 0-4. They say you never remember anything before the age of 4. But that doesn't stop society from putting some pretty messed up fairy tales directed at little kids at such an impressionable age. I used to love fairy tale princesses, but I just want you guys to think about the lessons that they gave little girls and boys. Snow White taught me to sneak into the woods, find a house in which several strange men live and then become their maid. But don’t take fruit from strangers. Beauty and the Beast taught me that I should stay in an abusive relationship as long as the guy has money. Though you may start to hallucinate and talk to random household objects. And the Little Mermaid, oh gosh this one just takes the cake. I learned that I should disobey my father, stalk a handsome stranger, alter my body for him, break up his wedding and that women should be seen and not heard. But there I go again, losing focus.

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