Highs and Lows

Posted 20 January 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

In the fall of 2010, a group of seniors from teacher Priya Tahiliani’s writing class at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School participated in the Target Arts Program. Together as an ensemble, they created a moving piece about individuality and the struggle that sometimes surrounds it. Their piece is quite fittingly titled "Highs and Lows." Below are some examples from their script that really stood out to their audience of teachers and peers.


by Tory Young

My name, it means Champion

Nickname for Victor,

Short for Victory.

Destined to do something great amongst others.

Stand out like a sore thumb.

Like the Black spot on a White board.

He who will stand on the Pinnacle of the highest mountain.

No I do not stand Alone,

No I did not put myself here I have the support as the right champions have.

So I will become what I was born for

To reflect the image of those who

Started the building blocks for me.

Though I built several different paths

Of Blocks, only one stays in mind

Which was the first, the original, the one path that stays sturdy.

The bridges that link me now to my

Destiny are already set up

They are already there, waiting for me.

The Heart of the lion

Mind of a computer,

Pride of a champion.

Talent, skill, technique undefined

Judged by many

Changed by no one

Restored in the dark

But fighting to stay the same.


By Joshua CruzBurgos

I look in the mirror because I am really confused and feel empty and lonely, and I can see Anger and Sadness in my eyes. Then I can see something come in the mirror. It looks like the shadow that I have locked up inside me. But sometimes I see Him and sometimes I wonder how he gets out and breaks free. I can see its dark green eyes. He has long claws. Sometimes I see him laugh and he starts to talk to me and he tells me how he sees my pain and that he controls me that way. Then I break the mirror with a punch! I see the cracks in the mirror, then I see my bloody hands. And I don’t bandage my hand which bleeds slowly. It feels good for the shadow when I bleed because he feeds on my anger and my wounds. Every time it sees my wounds he shows up. I feel like He’s right behind me. That’s why every time I see my shadow I always look at it to see if he’s there or not. But it feels like here is. That’s why I would never let go of my shadow. Because my body is his home and domain.

Daily Life

By Dequan Williams, Elvin Figueroa, Elvin Soto, and Dennis Rosa

No matter where you go you will always find struggle. No money, no job, no family to support you. You struggle to live up to people’s expectations, the pressure is slowly breaking you and you feel like you can’t make it.

Can’t eat, can’t sleep, I feel trapped. I just want to break free. Get out of this cage, out of this misery.

One last time I live the lie. I watch you rise and then you die.




No Matter how hard you struggle, stay strong and keep your head up and move on.


By Tawana Stokes

My character expresses my individuality. I am caring, I am bold, I am brave, I am talented, I am unique, I am outspoken, I am an honor student, I am lime green, I am goofy, I am tall, I am skinny, I am caramel, I am Tawana. My heart helps me express what I am and who I’m going to be. I put my heart into everything, letting it be known that I am serious. Serious about my life, serious about my future, serious about school and serious about success. Never will I give up and that’s what makes me different. I refuse to be the same, I dream to change the world one day and I honestly believe it’s going to happen. My strength does not come just from one object, thing, place, or person, it builds as I explore through my journey. Obstacles constantly get in my way and because I am who I am I do everything possible to get past them. Most of my individuality comes from my voice. I want to be heard and I will be heard. My voice will be familiar to those who listen, those who listen will be people who look forward to a wonderful future. Happiness comes with my individuality.

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