City Spotlights Leadership Program Auditions

Posted 23 June 2011 12:00 AM by Ramona Lisa Alexander, Manager of Performance Programs, Education Department

What a great summer we have ahead of us. In addition to being the Manager of Performance Programs I am also working as the lead Teaching Artist for the summer program. So far I’ve gotten a chance to witness firsthand the extremely talented youth that live right here in our city. Auditions for the Leadership Program were intense. Over 60 young people came to showcase their talents and, let me tell you, competition was fierce! One young man came in with a comedic spoken word piece he found online called the "Superman poem." Here is an excerpt:

There are two ways that you can step on stage

You can rent or you can own

You can take the microphone on loan

Or steal it so the crowd feels the same feelings you pass long after the show.

When a poet passes gas on stage you should be able to smell it at home hours after. 

After hours I tried convincing the Justice league that I had super powers

But they said "Anyone can Shout"

I said "SUPERMAN wait I can fly too!"

“He’s like really”

No, but I can flow… real superheroes can save a falling crown from slamming into the ground…

There’s two ways that you can step off stage

You can have either Talked or you can save

Although there were so many wonderful auditions, this audition piece lasted in my mind long after the youth performed. One of the best parts about our Education program is that here youth can enhance their super powers. Ultimately our hope is that when the youth come off stage, they themselves are positively affected and maybe they have changed the lives of those observing as well.

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