EdVestors Arts Expansion Final Showcases

Posted 20 June 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

The EdVestors Arts Expansion is a year-long musical theatre residency program funded by a grant from the Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative funded by EdVestors. For the 2010-2011 school year Citi Performing Arts Center worked with students and teachers at Snowden International High School in Back Bay and Odyssey High School in South Boston. The program served 100 students in grades 9-12, conducting two 30 week artist residencies around musical theatre at each school. Weekly instruction in theatre arts--focusing on song, dance, movement, and acting--culminated in the creation of original performance pieces and songs. Below are excerpts from their original songs as well as a short video from each school’s final performance.

“Make Right Choices”

(Written by Ms. Kristy Garvey’s First Period Class, Odyssey High School)


Make right choices

Do right to the world

Live above it – be the best boy and girl

Trust you’ll make it through the good and bad

Just strive for the best

Live for success


(Written by Ms. Kristy Garvey’s Third Period Class, Odyssey High School)


Be true to yourself, that’s the way of life

Don’t wear a mask cause you can’t see the light

We’re not perfect, we’re all teens

You should only wear a mask on Halloween

“Divided in Two/Karma Doesn’t Say”

(Written by Ms. Kathleen Osol’s Period 1 Class, Snowden International High School)


You like things divided in two

Good and bad – which is the right route?

The guilt eats you, so I’ll sleep it away

What is the message karma doesn’t say

“Slow Down”

(Written by Ms. Kathleen Osol’s Period 2 Class, Snowden International High School)


Have you ever walked along a path filled with autumn leaves

When the sun touches your skin with a blowing breeze

Let the light shine until all your dark thoughts are gone

I don’t want to feel alone, so let the light shine until I’m numb


(They say) slow down young boy – you’re moving too fast

Whatever your mission, your posse won’t last

It won’t get your to heaven, you won’t land among the stars

So stop running so fast and you’ll get far

I’m not a super hero, I don’t wear a cape

But if we work together, we can make a change

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