Hip Hop Gold At Orchard Gardens K-8

Posted 11 May 2011 12:00 AM by NaTasha O'Brien, Teaching Artist

This week at Orchard Gardens K-8, students were really shaking things up. As the WOW draws near we are really getting into gear to amp up the seventh grade performance! Students worked with an outstanding choreographer to develop a unique dance sequence to be performed. But that’s not all, not everyone is a dancer, so another group has been working on another form of self-expression in the form of creative writing and spoken word, while yet another works to create beautiful visual imagery to reflect goals and wishes.

Although students have been divided into groups, we value the sense of unity and ensemble so for a final activity, each student was asked to write a few things about themselves to explain why he or she is HIP-HOP GOLD. Each one of these young people is wonderful and special in his or her own way, this activity allowed the opportunity for students to share their own positive opinions about themselves, for a little positive self affirmation!

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