Behind the Scenes: Citi Center Staff Tour Wang Theater Dome

Posted 2 November 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

This week Director of Theatre Operations Eric Neill took Citi Performing Arts Center's newest employees and interns on a walking tour of the iconic Wang Theatre dome. Staff climbed up into the pinnacle of the theatre and explored behind-the-scenes of how the dome itself is constructed and maintained. This exclusive look into a space that is highly inaccessible required staff to crawl under low beams, around tight corners, and down steep ladders deep into the structure of the theatre.

From the high, exterior ring of the dome, staff peeked down at the 3,600 seat in the theatre below. Because not everyone gets to sit in the front rows, when Clarence Blackall designed the space, he created something special for the patrons in the mezzanine and balconies. In the center oval, he placed stars, so when the lights are lowered, the stars light up and reflect off the black mirrors on both sides. The next time you are in the Wang Theatre, take a closer look at the murals on the ceiling. Each mural depicts different gods and muses from Greek mythology. Muses were the daughters of the Greek god, Zeus; they inspired creative people as they each presided over a particular art or science. Learn more about the historic Wang Theatre here.

Staff were even lucky enough to be exploring the loft to the sound of Duran Duran's sound check.

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