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Posted 11 November 2011 12:00 AM by Citi


Takara Hamilton, 18, with her mother Stacey Watson at the Gala

City Spotlights Leader Takara Hamilton spoke at the Addams Family Gala about what Citi Performing Arts Center means to her. In her speech, Takara explained that at first, “I didn’t want anything to do with [the program], and any chance I could take into getting out of being here, I’d take it.”

Her mother Stacy felt that it was important for Takara to participate and help her open up to people. After a struggle with depression, Takara was accepted to the program again, and a change occurred.

“And it did become my getaway. Every chance I got I was there. It was almost like when I walked through the doors of the reception office, down the stairs, and through the Met Room and into the Lower Lobby, everything I was going through was put on hold. I didn’t worry when was at the Wang, and I did not feel alone. I felt safe, and a sense of community. I met some of my closest friends in this very building, who had helped me with so much that year and continue to stand by my side. I began to branch out more because of that, making a lot more friends in school and almost everywhere I went. I was no longer afraid to step out of my comfront zone and challenge myself. I discovered my love for writing here, and my love for poetry, making me the lyricist I am today. I realized all I needed was a sense of community. Somewhere where I felt I belonged. As a high school student, you are constantly struggling with self identity, self importance, and a way to fit in. If you ask any teen where you feel most comfortable, they’ll say 'When I’m with my friends or when I’m with my team or my club.' Every teen needs a comfort zone that they can’t get from family or teachers, but from their own peers.”*

Takara also expressed that the programs provided by the Citi Center are free, which enabled her to participate, as most extracurricular activities have a fee and are therefore inaccessible. We would like to thank Takara, her mother Stacey, and all of our youth and families for being a part of the Citi Center free arts education programming.

*Quotations taken from Takara's speech.

Takara is currently a senior at Lexington High School.


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On November 9th, almost 800 students from 10 Boston Public Schools attended Peter Pan on Boston’s City Hall Plaza as guests of Citi Performing Arts Center and the Boston Public Schools Arts Office. Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol Johnson and Chris Cook from the Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism and Special Events were present to welcome students to this special daytime performance. Ticket access was made possible through donations and support for Citi Performing Arts Center donors.

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