City Spotlights Leadership Program: Who Am I and How Do I Want To Be Remembered?

Posted 22 November 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

The following are samples of creative writing done by our Fall 2011 City Spotlights Leaders on the topic: Who am I and how do I want to be remembered?

Amariah, City Spotlights Leader

I’ve always been told I’m the type of person who seems unpredictable at first and “unreadable” in a sense. I actually agree with this statement because I feel like I act way different around a person when I first meet them than when I get to know them. And maybe it’s just a habit I’ve developed from being unsure of how people will think of me when I was younger. But now I feel as though I’ve almost grown out of that trait into a person that has become more daring with age. And one of the best things that I love about myself is how I’m always the person to talk to and give advice to no matter what the situation, always being real with you no matter what your situation might be.

I’d Like to be Remembered As…

The person who never gave up,

The person who cherished the peaceful bond and love between her family and friends more than anything

The person who would always listen,

The person who’s personality shined brighter than her cheesy smile,

The person who always tried to be understanding,

The person who was always a hard-worker no matter what the task was,

The little skinny check from Dorchester

Or just that magnificent girl named

Amariah =)

Jamel, City Spotlights Leader

I am Jamel, an outspoken kid, I am a girl, I am funny.

I am an independent woman. As a caring person I believe

I am smart, Beautiful, Funny, Nice, Caring and Trustworthy.

City Spotlights Leader


Baby face

Hyper bunny

Somewhat a spacecase

Inspired Gleek

Musical freak

Outcasted because of being me,

I’m not sad, I honestly feel free.

No longer do I have to hide inside me

But the outside is becoming just another version of someone I longed to be

Someone not afraid to say I’ve seen the movie Rent 72 times, I can turn it into a one woman show

I can say that I am in love with bright lights and huge stages,

The roar of people laughing at scene in Imogen Heap.

I’m nothing close to normal,

But that’s okay.

I’ve never said normal was cool anyway.

I am a quick learner, a hard worker,

A dedicated member to the theatrical society, and someone who hears every word but


I choose bright colored shirts over plain Jane suits.

I’m me. Deal with it.

Kanisha, City Spotlights Leader

Not easily misguided, no one else can be

Who I was brought into this world just me.

Calm, chill, cool and collected all things to describe

Why I’m respected. Nothing or no one could

Change my personality. I feel it’s my responsibility to just be me.


In yourself

Your ideas

‘Yours’ is what helps you

Your dreams

The theme

That someone who helps you



The mentality that gets you through

I would like to be remembered as the beautiful woman (inside and out) who made a great affect on others life!

Ashanti, City Spotlights Leader


Intelligence of your OWN

Daring to OWN up to your mistakes

Encourage YOURSELF because it’s what you own

Negativity that everyone holds

Truth only you can tell YOURSELF


Talk about how you and only you, OWN you



Elyse, City Spotlights Leader

Who am I?? ELYSE! DUH! Nahh JK! But I’m a girl who’s young and talents and believe in herself a lot. Elyse is a girl who’s not afraid to show or express her feelings. If I’m feeling some type of way, I’ma let you know. I believe in my dreams. And I believe I will accomplish them. Elyse is also a girl who’s quite timid and afraid. She is afraid of the future, so she does everything in her power to do her best, and always take chances when she gets there. I have a lot of time ahead of me and plan to use this precious time wisely. Elyse is a girl who loves and cares for her community, not only her family and friends. She loves everyone and doesn’t hate. I’m a girl and a smart one. Elyse is a beautiful girl.

How I Want to be Remembered

When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets; leave something to remember so they won’t forget I was here. I lived, I loved, I was here, I did, I done, everything that I wanted. And it was more than I thought it would be. I wanna be able to change others likes! Probably even inspire them. I want to leave this world as a role model! I wanna change the world and make it a better place!

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