EdVestors Residency at Madison Park Vocational Technical High School

Posted 21 November 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

We're a few weeks into our residency at Madison Park Vocational Technical High School in Roxbury and things are getting exciting! With only an hour a week, something as simple as learning names can take time. Nevermind trying to convince a group of teenagers to trust you enough to let you guide them through some very unfamiliar territory. That being said, we're having a blast. The students are imaginative writers and have already gotten to know each other ten times better through their writing exercises with us. Improv is still a terrifying topic, but I'm noticing shoulders relaxing and smiles cracking. Mrs Tahiliani is an active participant in the room, and has even told us she's experimenting on her other classes with some of our exercises! It's only a short while before we take another giant step - from building trust and focus to collaborating on a project, and I anticipate a great deal of creativity to be revealed at that point. I'm looking forward to guiding them through the process with Magalie's brilliant direction!

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