City Spotlights Leadership Program Reflections on Family and Community

Posted 18 October 2011 12:00 AM by Kerrin, City Spotlights Leader

Kerrin, City Spotlights Leader

Family is all I have

Forever in my heart

Never looking back

It’s here, when my days get cold

Never getting old

I love my family

From the bottom of my soul.

Oye, City Spotlights Leader

My family means a lot to me. They are always there when I need them,

they set me on the right track, and they encourage me. 

Without my family I would literally be nothing. 

Everything I do, I do it for them, God, and myself of course. 

I am so happy that I have a loving family who shelters me, clothes me, and helps me get involved in my community. 

My mom in fact motivates me to go after my acting dream. I know she believes in me. 

This is also how I found City Spotlights. 

If my family never encouraged me, I wouldn’t in City Spotlights doing what I love and learning my potential.

Andrise, City Spotlights Leader

Community and Family—

Love, Friendship, Laughter.

The aroma of Deri over suus pova (Haitian food),

Swinging my hips to carimi and sweet mikki (Haitian Artist),

From the Mango trees—

Where the sweet coconut melts my tongue,

Biddi Biddi Bum Bum.

The sounds of laughter fill my heart,

feeling joy from seeing everyone smile,

Makes me feel so alive.

Gilesa, City Spotlights Leader

What does family mean to me?

They’re the people that make,

my home filled with love and unity.

They’re the people that I love so much.

The ones who always care,

The ones who would make me cry,

So much if they ever disappeared.

To say they mean a lot,

would never be enough.

Calculating the worth is just way too


Alexis, City Spotlights Leader

Dear Blog Paper thing-thing,

Family is very valuable. You know why? 

Because they should love and accept who you are no matter what. 

They should have your back whenever even if you just had a fight. 

Family doesn’t just have to be by blood or marriage. 

It could be a group of friends etc. 

It’s important to me because I love having the feelings of people being there for me, no matter what. 

It’s something everybody needs—even if they don’t think they do.

Keefe, City Spotlights Leader

My Brother is my family!

My Sister is my family!

My Father is my family!

And my Mother is my Family!

My Brother—same mother, love him like no other.

Never hate or discriminate, always have time to hang. Just to do our thing. 

My Sister—so smart and so pretty, always around to help me, to do me, and be me.

My Father—what more can I say? He’s the reason for the man I am today.

My Mother—so nice and sweet, she makes sure the family is the way it should be. 

This is how I describe my family.

KiShayla, City Spotlights Leader

Family are the ones to whom you express how you feel—

The ones you go to, to hear something real.

The ones who care,

The ones who share.

You know they’ll always be there,

They help you in your time of need.

Don’t mistreat them or disrespect them, because you’ll be deceived—

Can’t live without them or you’ll be alone,

Trust me when I say family’s something that you simply NEED TO HOLD ON!

Alexa, City Spotlights Leader

It is not the flesh and blood that runs through our body,

It is the <3 and soul that brings us together to be a family.

It is the love and respect not hate nor regrets,

It is a combination of kindness and compassion

That brings us this fashion of unity

That makes us whole

Family. XO.

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