Back to School With Citi Spotlights Leaders

Posted 28 September 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

School is officially back in session and so are our teen leaders. As the fall session of the City Spotlights Leadership Program launches this week with 30 leaders, half of whom are returning participants, we hope the next 8 weeks inspire the teens to discover their unique and creative confidence.

Take a look back at this summer’s impact for a preview of what to expect this fall:

By The Numbers:

• Our 31 City Spotlights teen leaders represented 7 Boston neighborhoods, 5 surrounding towns, and 17 high schools.

• Over 5 days, the teen leaders performed 131 times in 19 Boston neighborhoods and reached over 11,000+ audience members

• 32% of participants came into the program with no arts experience and by the end, 96% expressed their desire to continue arts learning after the program.

• Participants indicated that their comfort performing in front of an audience (96%), using skills and imagination to bring something new into existence (89%), and participating and studying the arts (86%) increased as a result of the program.

• 93% recognized the link between arts learning and other disciplines, indentifying professional and academic applications for leadership program skills.

In their own words:

• Jenise: “I will carry all these skills with me forever.”

• Joe: “[I broke] out of my shell and just was myself…This program was one of the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

• Emily: “One area with the most positive change is my self confidence: confidence in myself and what I love to do…I accomplish a new sense of myself over the course of the program.”

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