City Spotlights Leadership Program: Reflections on Week 5

Posted 21 September 2011 12:00 AM by Citi

Kimetra, City Spotlights Leader

I love this program. It was great working with everyone! My favorite part was the FLASHMOBS and the Street Theatre tour, even though I got lost! The end performance was great and I’m sad that it’s over!

Clytie, City Spotlights Program Apprentice

On the day of our final show, we did a dance and I messed up so bad that I cried. But then someone asked me if I had fun and I said, “Yeah.” They asked, “Why are you crying?” After that I finished the show with a smile. My favorite part was dancing with Kimetra!

Cece, City Spotlights Leader

I came to this program to have fun. Not only did I end up having fun, but I became a different person. I made friends, had a great experience, and learned more about myself than I thought I would.Layla is my character in some of the tableaus. Layla is best friends with Kat but when she finds out that Kat is gay she decides to spread the word because she is angry. Layla ended up having to find herself by helping Kat stay true to herself. Layla is now okay with Kat being who she is. To Ramona: I love you! You are the best supervisor ever and I am glad you helped me with my acting and believed in me when I auditioned. Out of all the people, you chose me. Thank you :)

Jimmy, City Spotlights Leader

Since the program, my life has started to go back to its same old boring schedule. My time during the program was great and all of the people there were pretty cool to be around; my favorite part about this program was meeting people with personalities I have never interacted with before. Also, I got to explore Hip-Hop culture, another new and fun experience. I wouldn’t trade my memories of this program for anything in the whole world; it has made me more self-confident, and given me experiences and the journey of a lifetime. I’m going to audition for this program again, and hopefully have another exhilarating journey! :)

Shaleah, City Spotlights Leader

It was fun, even when it was nearing the last. I made friends: funny ones, cool ones, talented ones, ones that made me laugh when I was down. Every day was a joy and a gift to be here with new people and friends, showing the talents I have. I walk to the train to come here and every day I pick my head up just a little bit more to show that I was ready for the new day to come. I love the leadership program, and I hope I can come back and work here again.

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