EdVestors Residency at Madison Park Vocational Technical High School

Posted 25 April 2012 12:00 AM by Citi

We’re nearing the end of our residency, and the usual excitement and stress that comes along with that are abundant! Thankfully, we had zero snow days to be concerned about, but as we all know with high school, attendance can be tough. We’ve had a core group of amazing stars, and I’m very grateful for that! Here are a few updates about the program:

We have a finished script! Hooray!

We’re going to start recording audio and possible video for our performance

We just finished our improv and voice workshops and are ready to take on run thru rehearsals

An awful lot has been going on. I always look back toward the end of a residency and worry that we’re putting too much or not enough effort into rehearsals vs. workshops, but I think this group got a fair balance. We also have the tremendous help of a classroom teacher who sees them every day, while we only get to see them once a week. She keeps on top of their script edits and works out kinks in scenes that we otherwise would never have time to shape up and put into our show, and for that I am extremely grateful. Because of that we’ve had the time to discuss why the topics involved were so important to them (and to all people their age), and to workshop ways to convey a very real situation in a very relatable way, with an entirely new vocabulary. We spent 2 classes on communicating without words, and then without the words they would normally choose. It’s much harder than it sounds, and their work was brilliant!

Now comes the hard part, of course. It’s going to take a lot of positive reinforcement to convince everyone to stay focused on what can be a daunting task: Rehearsals. Repetition, blocking, memorizing, and all that difficult work can be so overwhelming, even to those of us who do it all the time. Imagine being stuck between finals, final presentations, job applications, college admissions decisions, prom, senior trips, and rehearsal. We have a truly special group of students, and they’ve worked very hard to make us a priority right up there with all the other events a typical senior year entails. This show is going to be awesome!

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