Hip Hop, Theater and Social Change: Week 4

Posted 6 April 2012 12:00 AM by Rachel Rhoades

This week students continued exploring issues of personal agency and worked with the topic of power. Irving students created visual arts pieces while students from the Edwards created skits using breakdance and spoken word.

In the picture below, Edwards student Isaiah teaches peers “the jerk,” for which his classmate thanked him at the end of the session during the Community Stew. Apprentices use this closing ritual to extend appreciations to each other, articulate new learning and to share inspirational thoughts. One student spoke up and said, “I learned about the real meanings of power today, how it can be used to be mean or be kind. My friends use power to make other people feel bad. I’m not going to do that anymore.”

“I use my power to bring joy to the world. Everyone has power but it is how you use it to help.” - Rafael

“How could I use my power differently? By using it to respect & treat others fairly and equally.” - Rajahdia, also pictured

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