Social Media at Citi Performing Arts Center

Posted 12 April 2012 12:00 AM by Coralie Pasero

As part of my internship, developing Social Media and new Marketing technologies is one of my tasks. This makes me realize how important and inescapable social media is for an organization like Citi Performing Arts Center.

If I am going to talk about Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, I must give you one reason why I think social media are such major tools, and also why I love it: they are the best way for us to communicate with our audiences, to communicate with you. We want to know what you like, dislike, need, appreciate, hate, are upset about, think is funny, cool, great, … We want to get to know you!

First, you must know our Facebook pages. One is about shows, membership, and many other things, the other one is about Education. Facebook is useful to post nice pictures, articles, news, etc. Twitter also is great for news and fun facts: the short format of the messages allows us to share quick information with people that we usually would not talk with.

Then we started with Pinterest. Do you know what it is? Because if you don’t, I suggest you check this out! This is a cool place where we post pictures regularly of different things related to Citi Performing Arts Center. We created different boards and “pinned” a lot of pictures. This sensational image-sharing tool is almost exclusively visual, so if you are sensitive about good looking image, you are welcome to visit us!

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