Matts Summer Internship Comes to an End

Posted 30 August 2012 12:00 AM by Matt Taylor

My summer internship here with Citi Performing Arts Center is unfortunately coming to an end as I prepare to start my senior year of classes. I have to say that working here this summer certainly has flown by and I am sad to see it end; it has been a fantastic experience and I wish I could only continue it longer. I have learned so much, worked with awesome people, and gained insight as to what I may want to do as I approach graduation.

Coming into the internship, I was both anxious and nervous about what was to come. I wanted to be the best I could be and learn all I could. This was my first ever Boston-based internship and I wanted to fully take advantage of all that was offered to me. After becoming familiar with everyone and getting a good grasp on the job, I felt comfortable coming in and doing work. At first, working with the previous intern Coralie, I was a bit taken back by what the workload looked like, the analytic reports specifically. But after working on it for a couple days with Coralie and listening to her tips, I became pretty comfortable with doing them and it actually was interesting. I was exposed to new programs to use like Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and now I can comfortably use both programs!

I was able to do a bunch of fun little tasks while I was here as well, like attempting to paint white board on card board which unfortunately ended with the entire office smelling like the strongest paint ever made. I got to sort Loge Club tickets, make the Pinterest page my own, and other fun little things of that matter. I got to attend Billy Elliot the Musical which was a phenomenal show and also got to work at shows here at the Wang, taking pictures of audience members and posting them online.

I loved working on the social media the most. It was really interesting because prior to this job, I always saw companies and brands posting on their social media pages and wondered who really did it and how they came up with their posts. And now it was me doing it! I liked researching artists, shows, and the theatre itself and interacting with followers. It definitely helped me develop a stronger love for social media and taught me much more than I already knew.

Overall, this summer was an awesome experience and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to come work here. Entering my senior year, this internship certainly has given me some ideas on what I may want to do post-college and I am excited to apply the skills I learned here to whatever that may be!

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