Citi Center Marketing Intern Goes Musical

Posted 22 February 2012 12:00 AM by Coralie Pasero

It has been now three weeks that I am part of the Citi Performing Arts Center. Time flies…

Last week I went to the Addams Family Musical, which was an interesting experience for me. To be honest, this is the second real “Broadway” musical I have ever seen in my life. I only have seen Avenue Q in London two years ago, and I loved it.

What I enjoyed about the Addams Family musical are the staging and the decors which were dark and almost disturbing, but the contrast with the humor was delightful (European people like black humor). During the show, I have been amazed by the actors’ performance. I think part of what interests me with Broadway musicals - and please tell me if you disagree with me - is that the actors are accomplished performing artists: they can dance, sing and act at the same time.

Musicals are a little bit different in France. First, most of our shows are dramatic, tragic or sad, because I guess it can only be a good show if it is about some serious topic. Then, the main characters are most often professional singers, and that’s it. They don’t really dance, figurants will do it for them. They have tried to import “Mamma Mia!” in France, and I think they made a mistake: Producers decided to translate the songs into French, which did not sound right to me, and to most of the French fans of Abba!

But anyway, I would be curious to know how people did like the Addams Family Musical! Tell me your thoughts!

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