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Posted 3 January 2012 12:00 AM by Corey DePina

Hello internet bloggers, My name is Corey DePina and this year I had the opportunity to work with the City Spotlights Leadership Program as a teaching artist and man what a treat it was.. We had 8 weeks to write, produce, rehearse and perform an original show. Meeting one day a week.. I know it sounds crazy right? Our first plan of action was to see what the students were good at and what ideas they had when they thought about what performance they would want to produce. After a little group building we started to talk about themes and one thing that the students kept bringing up was image. Not only how they see themselves but how others see them and how they want to been seen, so we came up with “being remembered” as a theme. We split up into 4 groups The writers: poets, singers and rappers The dancers: anyone who wanted to move no matter what style The theater group: monologues, skits, stories The band: beat boxers and people playing African instruments After we allowed all groups to work on individual pieces we tied them all together using the “being remembered” theme . It was awesome. Some students wrote about important people who they remember. They wanted to correct some myths people have about teens, they wrote about change, they brought us back with some old school dance moves.. man I was so impressed. This group of about 30 students all worked and put on one major production. As much as I wish we had more time to create, edit and go over the show I was very proud of each and every student. I'm not good at this blog thing but I wanted the internet world to know what we did, how we did and how proud and thankful I am to have worked with such a talented group of young folks.

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