Reflection of an Education Department Intern

Posted 23 January 2012 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Scott

Hi my name is Elizabeth, and I am an Education Department Intern through the Youth Option Unlimited Program. I am going to tell you all about how much I like/loved working at this program and what I learned. First off I really like working at this program. It brought me out of my shell because when I first started working here I was very shy and quiet until I got to know people and got used to them. I started talking more letting myself come out and that’s where all the shyness stopped. I wasn’t shy anymore, I learned and created many new things as I was working here at Citi Performing Arts Center and the truth is I hate that I’m leaving. I had a wonderful and a great time with Ruth, Che, Siobhan, and last but not least Ramona. I learned how to use Microsoft Excel, submitting blogs on the internet. I learned how to create a calendar for 2012 and I learned how to adjust schedules with hours and responded to the Spoken Word Project inquires. I also learned how to send signature pages to participants, and created distribution lists for the Spoken Word Project. I also did a list of things that was given to me to do. For example, I typed up other people’s blogs and scripts, and I also made phone calls to students that were in the program.

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