The Spirit of Dr. King

Posted 30 January 2012 12:00 AM by Maurice Parent, Teaching Artist, Target Arts Residency at King K-8 School in Dorchester

Walking into the halls of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 school in Dorchester, you can’t help but feel the presence of Dr. King himself, encouraging you to try your best and work as hard as you can. Maybe it’s from the many paintings and quotes on the walls or the beautiful, newly finished murals painted by students and Heidi Schork from the Mayor's Mural Crew, in the auditorium but Dr. King’s spirit is strongly felt. However, beyond its beautiful layout, you can feel Dr. Kings spirit as you work with the teachers, faculty and especially the students. The young people in the Target Arts Residency at the King K-8 School are energetic, focused and a real treat to work with. I am both inspired and challenged as an artist / educator to do all I can to teach the lesson of The Addams Family “No Snap Judgments” Performance Curriculum. From day one the students have been eager to participate in activities and think creatively around the themes of the class. I look forward to shaping the final performance and the students continue to amaze me.

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