Citi Center Welcomes a New Intern!

Posted 24 July 2012 12:00 AM by Matt Taylor

Hey all! My name is Matt and I am the new marketing intern here at Citi Performing Arts Center! I am going into my senior year at Emerson College and I am studying marketing communications. I am originally from the Boston area and have a passion for theatre and film. After graduation I hope to find a job in marketing/public relations working with entertainment, whether that be with theatre, film, music, or even sports. So this internship is pretty ideal for me!

I’ve been coming in to Boston for the past three years to go to school, but the fact that now I get to work here in the city is an experience in itself. I am extremely excited to be putting what I’ve been learning in the classroom to good use and gaining some personal work experience in doing so.

My first few days of interning at Citi Center were great, learning all the ins and outs from Coralie (my predecessor). It was a lot of information to take in, but now that I have been here a couple weeks I feel as though I am finally getting it all and am comfortable coming in everyday. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful with everything I do and they make me feel welcome and a part of the crew.

As I work here this summer, I think my main goal is to get a good feel of all that I can. As I approach my senior year of college, it is time for me to start figuring out what I want to do after I walk across that stage and accept my diploma. And in a field where there are many different branches, learning a little from each one is very important. I do feel as though the Citi Performing Arts Center is a great fit for me, and I believe I would love a job working within the arts. I guess I will know more about that at the end of the summer though!

Right now, I am enjoying my experience here and fully taking advantage of all that I can. As I said, this internship truly is ideal and I greatly appreciate the experience the marketing team is letting me take part in.

Until my next post!


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