Zelda Amazes Audiences with a Symphonic Experience

Posted 24 July 2012 12:00 AM by Matt Taylor

Are you a fan of the classic videogame, “The Legend of Zelda?” Do you remember going on quests with the famous title character to Fairy Mountain or Gerudo Valley? Well then, do we have a treat for you! Zelda is back, and in a completely new shape and form – music! “The Legends of Zelda – A Symphony of the Goddesses” is a follow up of the very popular “Legend of Zelda, 25th Anniversary Concert” and is on a yearlong tour. With every performance to date sold out in advance, “Zelda” is a hit with audiences and a great new way to experience the world’s most popular videogame. The symphony is arranged by “Zelda” music director Chad Seiter, who is popular for arranging music for TV shows such as “Star Trek” and “LOST.” It made its first appearance during the E3 2011 show, the world’s premiere trade show for computer and videogame related products, showcasing the work of Nintendo composer Koji Kondo and his music team. Following its success, “The Legend of Zelda, 25th Anniversary Concert” was created and performed with an orchestra in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and London. The reaction was mostly positive and all shows were completely sold out. With a few minor criticisms, the show was tweaked and decided to go on tour for an entire year, instead of its previous three show run. Conducted by Eímear Noone, the first production of “Symphony of the Goddesses” was completely sold out. It was performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at the Meyerson Symphony Center. With a positive reaction from the audience, many more shows sold out across the country and the show was officially being claimed a hit! The show highlights pivotal moments in the videogame’s history, bringing the audience the music from a variety of games within the “Zelda” franchise. For example, the music of fan favorites such as “Oceana of Time” and “Wind Walker” can be recognized in the beginning of the show. While later in the show the audience is exposed to other popular games such as “A Link to the Past” and “Twilight Princess”. “The Legends of Zelda – Symphony of the Goddesses” is the first ever video game themed concert to feature a complete four movement symphony. It is 25 years of video game history put into one night that will stun you both musically and visually. The franchise has come a long way since the release of the first videogame in 1986. Apart from fifteen video games and its own symphony, the popularity of “Zelda” has spawned a book series, comic book, Saturday morning cartoon, and even its own breakfast cereal. The most recent game, Skyward Sword, set a new record for the franchise, selling over 550,000 copies in a week and becoming Zelda's fastest-selling title. If you’re interested in witnessing the amazing performance that is, “The Legend of Zelda – Symphony of the Goddesses,” then be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible before October 18th. Like I said, every show has sold out long in advance!

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