Behind the Scenes: Exclusive Interview with the Marketing Team

Posted 1 June 2012 12:00 AM by Coralie Pasero

We talk to you on Facebook, on Twitter, we update the website, create the contests for you to win tickets, we take the pictures, make the Citi Performing Arts Center videos and graphic designs…

But we are not only that.

We also support other departments. We create group sales flyers for Theater Services team, help the Education department tell their stories, and the development department for galas and membership appeals, and many other things…

To sum up, we are the marketing team. We are all around, online and during the shows… But did you ever wonder who is in the team?

Let me introduce them to you. Here is a portrait of the great people I work with and the characters they identify themselves too.

Samantha, or Sam to her friends, is a young woman who works here as the Marketing Associate and who is also a graduate student in Arts administration at Boston University. You know, when you receive newsletters, or when you play contests like "Site Unseen" or "Moms That Rock"? She creates those, she receives your pictures and post them on facebook. She also tried to teach me sarcasm as part of her job. It works. Sometimes. She also has a cat, very important detail.

Travis is the cool, funny and helpful one, the one who is going to fix your computer in 10 minutes when you spend one hour to understand why you can’t click anywhere anymore on the screen. He is the Design/Production Manager, and makes all the nice videos and graphic designs. He also goes around with his camera and takes pictures of shows and student’s performances for the Education department.

Julie is the team leader. The Associate Director of Marketing. She basically supervises everything, and deals with our sponsors. What I like about Julie is that she is very energizing. Even on Fridays at the end of the day she is still so motivated while I am already thinking of eating a baguette with some cheese and a glass wine to celebrate the weekend – this is a joke.

So here was a sneak peak of these amazing people who are working at the Citi Performing Arts Center Marketing department. Today, I decided to bother them with some random questions…

Exclusive Interview

How much do you love Citi Performing Arts Center and why?

Samantha: I love the Citi Center because it’s different than other organizations I’ve worked with, mainly because of the broad-based programming.

Travis: I enjoy the mix of work we do; one day I’ll be producing creative for an upcoming artist and the next I’ll be photographing one of our programs in a local school.

Julie: I look forward to coming to work everyday. I enjoy the people I work with and every day is different so much so that I have a work slogan: “There is no norm. Everything is an exception.”

What has been your favorite at the Citi Wang or Shubert Theatre since you arrived here?

Samantha: I really enjoyed bringing my family to Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Travis: My favorite show was Conan in June of 2010.

Julie: One of my favorite memories of the Wang Theatre was when I came to see Wheel of Fortune Live. Now I enjoy sold out shows like Lady Gaga, Eddie Vedder, or Mariah Carey because there is so much energy in the theatre.

What is your favorite artist?

Samantha : Ingrid Michaelson

Travis: My current favorite artist, according to Spotify is RJD2. RJD2 also produced the theme song to my current favorite tv show, Mad Men.

Julie: if I was stranded on an island and could only listen to 3 performers/bands I’d want the Foo Fighters, Fountains of Wayne, and Ben Folds (Five).

Your favorite song?

Samantha : I don’t have one – I like too many to choose. I also believe as music evolves so do your tastes and what’s appealing to you.

Travis : I don’t have a favorite song, I have songs for different moods, times, etc., but there isn’t one song that I like more than others.

Julie: I could never pick only one song but there is one song that has shown up on many of my playlists : Phil Collins – Between The Lines.

Are you more tea or coffee?

Samantha: COFFEE

Travis: Black iced coffee in the mornings and iced tea in the afternoons.

Julie: Coffee – Dunkin’ unless Travis is out. Then I might go to Starbucks. I like a little kick in the pant from Starbucks coffee every once in while.

What do you want to say to Citi Performing Arts Center audiences

Samantha: There’s nothing like live performance – so go out there and see something! A group of strangers sharing a unique experience. Really the only other place you “share experiences” is the T, and that’s just not quite the same.

Julie: When you visit out theatres, take a minute to look around and see the detail that was put into the design of these historic building. They don’t build them like this anymore.

Special question for Sam : Where do you see yourself in 10 years?          

Samantha: No matter where I am, I will be working in the arts. Special question for Julie: What was your secret dream where you were a child?

Julie: When I was a kid I wanted to be a radio DJ. Now I just share my favorite music with my friends on Spotify.

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