Bon Voyage!

Posted 27 June 2012 12:00 AM by Coralie Pasero

While I am getting ready for my last day at Citi Performing Arts Center, I am thinking about my times here and how fast it went.

No tears, please, no tears… I know that you are going to miss me, but it is time for me to take my bundle of clothes and swim back to France … before my visa expires.

Well, actually I am going to miss Citi Performing Arts Center too. It was such a great experience to meet such a great staff and have this opportunity to get professional experience from an American non-profit organization. I learned from a different culture, from different points of view, and I practiced a language that I truly love… In terms of marketing experience, I learned a lot as well.

First, I worked on social media, and I guess I improved a lot since. I mean that when I arrived I couldn’t write a proper tweet. I was not comfortable enough with the language to use slang or conversational vocabulary. So my tweets were written in the most academic English, and looked more like an advertising for retirement home. But Sam made fun of me and I decided to become a real twitter professional since. I also remember when I announced the winner of the Site Unseen contest in a video which was posted on Facebook… Sam was filming, Travis was holding the paper with my text, but without explanations he couldn’t stand still so I couldn’t read properly… after several trials, I finally made it though.

Apart from that, I also worked a lot on analytics about the website and social media, advertising campaigns. I also wrote blogs, designed a poster, ... To sum up, a lot of things have been going on when I was here, and I am glad I was part of it. I have discovered the fascinating marketing world of a nonprofit performing arts center in the USA. I enjoyed being here and I will follow the next great adventures of Citi Performing Arts Center from my far country. So keep taking fan pictures, and keep being present on Twitter and Facebook!

With love,


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