Edwards & Irving Middle Schools Hip Hop, Theater and Social Change: Week 2

Posted 16 March 2012 12:00 AM by Rachel Rhoades

Apprentices at the Edwards joined in artistic collaboration as they began writing their own songs in small groups. They experienced the beginnings of that most mysterious, exciting creative process in working together to form the foundational beat before experimenting with rhymes to compose lyrics. At both schools, students explored their unique qualities through creative writing, which left them with a vivid reminder of their personal strength to return to when facing difficult choices. The Irving apprentices exhibited true courage by performing individual talents to the group. One student could jump into a spoken word competition in a moment; she improvised a poem of at least ten stanzas on the spot! The students are excited to share their beats, lyrics and skills with the break-dancers coming in next week. Below is a song written this week by one aspiring hip hop artist:

Stop the Madness!

All I can see is this anger

Which is definitely a sign of danger

Don't worry, stay very strong

Think twice, don't do something wrong!

Remember, you're not a fool

Bullies would think you're not cool

Although they're doing terrible in their school

Just make the right decision

So you won't end up in prison.

You are the best, just like the rest

Do not start fights

Just do what's right!

Bullies are just wrong

It's time to get along

Don't get mad, or very sad

'Cause inside of you, you're a great lad

It's time to go outside and make that change

But many children in sadness

Now you need to stop the madness!

~ Socrates, Edwards Middle School, Grade 6

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