Exploring Hip Hop at Orchard Gardens K-8 School Begins

Posted 14 March 2012 12:00 AM by NaTasha O'Brien

We kicked things off to a great start over at the Orchard Gardens K-8! This week, I was introduced to ten of my seventh grade students, and they’re fantastic!! Many of the students already know one another, so team building and relationship exercises are going to come very naturally within the group. We began exploring how to use our own bodies as instruments to express theatricality through vocalization and movement. As an exercise to encourage openness and creative exploration of self, students participated in a creative writing activity. I was very pleasantly surprised at students’ eagerness to share, and at the hope and determination that was conveyed through the activity. As we begin working towards our final performance, I am certain that these youth are going to WOW everyone!!!

NaTasha O’Brien is a Teaching Artist Fellow for the Education Department, leading an Exploring Hip Hop Program at the Orchard Gardens K-8 School in Roxbury in collaboration with Citizen Schools.

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