Show Thanks, Be Full

Posted 20 November 2012 12:00 AM by Toni Bee, City Spotlights Artist Fellow

The Holidays are rough for some of us. This time of year emotions slip the slopes of the heart, tearing a salty avalanche down cheek-side.

Yup – we all a have valid reasons to be sad – But I have found a perfect elixir for your woe.

Being Thankful

This week my heart grew a bigger with joy at The Gala at Citi Performing Arts Center - which doubled as a Celebration of Josiah ‘Joe” Spaulding’s 25 years at the helm.

So many people showed appreciation to Joe: their precious words; the stories, the roasting, ribbing, the toasting – even re-fashioned songs all unique dessert delivered on the platter of the Wang Theatre Stage – It was the Hugest Thank You Hug I have seen thus far

A few days later I had my 1st reading of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I totally zoned in on the children and parents and the moment that Saturday I ReadActed (my new word thanks to Seuss)

We were theatrical in that iceCreamCandy store, below the huge Hall called Faneuil…and they came in costume and wow - those children DID perform. The Kicker? When it was over …they were Thankful- and I was Thankful too (and my heart grew more enormous with every handshake)

As we inch through these Daze – which can be so emotionally challenging - I think of choices. You could sulk in your cave all “grinchIfied” or you could use that instant to simply holler a thank through the telephone line / or on social media / better yet – grab your stamps and start writing a letter.

And while I am urging you to do it – I am ‘about to grab a few stamps myself – because I am waaaay behind in my Thank You time.

(C’mon let’s write some letters? Or share a bit of the talent you have been gifted with for surely – a dance, song, an act, a drawing from the soul can surely lift the heart … and THEN

You will be able to answer Mr. Spaulding’s signature statement, “How cool is that?” But only if you pick up your pen or your talent and share it with another…

(Thank you sincerely / for reading / and mostly being you)

From left to right: Toni Bee, Corey Evans (Director of Education), Allie Spaulding, enjoying the Gala festivities

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