Get Up/Show Up for Your Favorite Moment

Posted 18 October 2012 12:00 AM by Toni Bee, City Spotlights Artist Fellow

It is the end of week two at Citi Center aka The Wang, Shubert and Emerson Colonial and I am still looking up at the sky. My mind wonders and wanders into a questioning realm and I ask ‘How did THIS happen?’ But I know It happened by my simply showing up.

This Friday I have been witness to Teen Council Interviews. All that the Citi staff asked of the teenagers in the Spotlights program to do was / Show up at this time, have a piece to perform

I have discovered this summer and now in this windblown fall that one of the most challenging things to do is to Get Up, Get Dressed and Show Up

Haven’t we all experienced it: the day the important meeting is to occur EVERY OBSTACLE in the universe decides to plop onto your lap/ slap a bit of concrete/ on the feet JUST to dissuade you from going?

Too much new perfume…that’s what I put on in June the day I met Sue Dahling Sullivan and said “What a wonderful Name! ” because it totally reminded me of the family in Peter Pan. The result: Sue asked and I said a firm YES to speaking to Spotlights

Major Clothing malfunction…of course while walking towards the Wang to meet City Spotlights Leaders for the first time in July. The result: I worked it out, went into teach mode and learned more about the resilience and creativity of teenagers than I even imagined

YUP – it happens to us all. The question is what will you do about jumping over the obstacles and getting to your target destination. On interview day I saw several teens show up in different states: confident, nervous, calm, antsy, semi- or fully prepared. But I was so proud of them all because I know through the self-confidence and self-doubt – they showed up

Sam from Marketing asked the kids what I thought was one of the toughest questions of all ‘What was your favorite moment in the City Spotlights Program this summer?’

That question got me to reflecting about my summer with City Spotlights Favorite moment? Well I had several:

…Che running down from the Shubert office then getting me acclimated Quick

…Sitting amongst the teens post lecture and seeing the creativity, singing with them

…Hearing the poems the Leaders created in a few instants after receiving prompts

…Coming back in August to speak to the teens again / standing on the Wang stage with Sue who snapped my picture and touring the mazeFull hall ways

…City Spotlights teens coming to Cambridge to do a flash mob and be a part of the Gately Teen Center’s summer’s end performance

There were so many moments! But one stands out the most: Looking up in front of the Citi Performing Arts Center and seeing each Spotlights Leader’s face on the Marquee.

My Goodness - what a proud memory. I was so proud because Boston teens showed up and created their favorite moments despite any obstacles that alighted in their lives.

And if the teen Leaders can do it – we adults all of us artists and homeowners, and teachers and bus drivers – we too can learn from the teens: Get Up, Get Dressed, Show Up because surely – your favorite moment is coming

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