National Arts Education Week

Posted 10 September 2012 12:00 AM by Citi

September 9-15 is National Arts in Education Week. Since we like to take every opportunity we can to promote arts education, we want to highlight some of our recent programs both in and out of schools in the Boston area.

Summer Leadership

This summer, the City Spotlights Leadership Program featured 28 Teen Leaders of which 26 live in the City of Boston. Our leaders represent 20 different schools. Most have no formal arts training and little to no arts in their schools. (Click here to see their photos and click on the photos to find out more about them.)

These teen leaders spent 5 weeks developing leadership and job development skills while also getting intensive dance, theatre and music classes and creating original performance pieces in all three performing arts areas. Our teen leaders are committed to social change and community development. Many have extraordinary challenges to overcome daily, but they see themselves as agents of change in their communities and in their worlds. During the program, they took their work on tour throughout the City of Boston to perform in community centers, parks, and on sidewalks for a collective audience of over 15,000! In addition, they led workshops on bullying in 10 community centers and shared their insight and experience with over 500 of their peers. Click here to view just one of their 95 performances.

Every youth deserves a creative life – and it is our belief that these teens are the future visionaries, innovators, community leaders, and bright lights in Boston. Here are a few examples of the students' "We Are" Poems.

Guy L.

We are one

We are company


As a group we are

a pure definition of treasure

We are fragile as individuals but together we are strong

We are the beginning of a new life and force of creativity

We understand the spirit in ourselves and the impossible complexity in others

We know more than we knew before we came here

We are beautiful together

In a world faithfully put together by us

Aaren H.

City Spotlights leaders is- who- we- are

People who are a team, loving and caring!

When we all come together we create something

Extraordinary that leaves people with a deep feeling

Of what just happened to me?

What we do impacts the world around us that causes change

Not in a negative way, but a beautiful thing <3

Connie C.

In Chinese, “we” means “One big family”

And that’s what we have become, to me

Target Arts

Citi Performing Arts Center is happy to announce the return of the Target Arts Residency program for Fall 2012. Citi Performing Arts Center will continue its partnership with Boston Public Schools in the "Target Arts Program," an artist residency and ticket access program generously funded by a grant to the BPS from the Target Corporation. The program’s goal is to improve school success, engage families and strengthen community by providing access to Boston's rich offerings of music, dance, visual arts, theater and cultural events. This fall the residencies will focus on Citi Performing Arts Center’s holiday show, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical.

Citi Performing Arts Center is committed to creating opportunities for the community to participate, appreciate, and celebrate multidisciplinary forms of the arts that reflect the diversity of programming in our historic venues and link the arts to innovation, creativity, and civic engagement into the future.

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