Beauty Blooming: 1st Day at City Spotlights Leadership Program

Posted 10 July 2013 12:00 AM by Sade Ball, Teen Leadership Council Ambassador and City Spotlights Teen Leader

My first day as a City Spotlights Teen Leader was very intense, especially since I met many individuals with many different personalities. For weeks ahead of my first day, I worked with Rachel and Liberty to come up with a workshop for my fellow leaders. My idea was to play a name game where people would use their name to describe themselves. After that, they had 15 minutes to come up with one 3-minute piece using singing, acting or dancing.

It was very hard since I didn't know them. I felt that they wouldn't like my activity that I planned. Admiringly, I walked around. I have no words for the beauty that I saw in my peers. I heard mashing of songs, an amazing playwright, and even an interesting dance that people put together and made beautiful.

This workshop made me have more confidence in my work. It made me realize that I am a leader, we are all leaders. To watch us come together- nothing could have been better.

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