March is Youth Arts Month

Posted 25 March 2013 12:00 AM by Citi

Governor Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts House of Representatives have issued proclamations declaring March to be Youth Arts Month in Massachusetts. To celebrate the importance of arts education, Citi Performing Arts Center education department wants to share some of the unique work that is happening all over Boston through our in-school, out of school, and community outreach programs.

During February vacation week, Community Artist Fellow Toni Bee ran a Poetry Galaxy Workshop, where teens from around Boston created original pieces and performed them for their peers and at the Dudley Library Arts Festival. Here is a sample of their amazing work:


By Connie and Raheem

She looks in the mirror and puckers her brow

Understand me

And wonders what they see in her

Understand me

But it’s wrong, she thinks, and tears of frustration well

Understand me


By Renee & Guy

Bright and sunny like a summer’s day

Can we really see the color of orange

when we are blind in our minds

Bring happiness and joy…all despair


It is not as vibrant as read, but it feels just as hot

The he’s and she’s smile and sing about water droplets

on sunlight, about fire in a pitch black room

Vibrant hues shine through in dark for us to see through

A burning flame or a gentle flower

We write poetry of a color we have yet to understand

The happiness that spreads throughout like happy

marmalade and joyous faces


During the Dudley Library Interactive Arts Festival, performances, interactive workshops, library scavenger hunts, face painting and arts and crafts abound! Participants ranged from children, teens, young adults, and adults of ALL ages. A highlight of the event was seeing young children dancing alongside an elderly woman with the cane across the floor during the Haitian dance workshop; it was a true illustration that the arts are intergenerational and universally embraced. The vocal workshop ranged from a 4 year old singing Old McDonald, to a 5 year old singing an original song about a butterfly to one of our City Spotlights Teen Leaders, Ricky, singing a hip-hop piece, all together in one place.

Youth Arts Month is only in March, but Citi Center celebrates the joys of youth and arts all year long. To find out more about upcoming education events, visit our education facebook page.

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