Boston Teens Shine Their Light

Posted 15 May 2013 12:00 AM by Liberty, April Vacation Arts & Leadership Training Teaching Artist

The week of April 15th stands out in my mind for more reasons than one. While fear and adversity could be two words that some may use to describe that time, words that come to my mind are hope, promise and strength.

Let me fill you in. On Tuesday, April 16th I got the chance to begin work with present and future stars. As Boston asked questions and wondered why, the Teen Leadership Council of the City Spotlights program came together to plan a future where mutual respect, team work and leadership potential fulfilled will be the norms. From various high schools and backgrounds with diverse artistic talents and capabilities, the teen council is made up of tomorrow's leaders.

Throughout the week we worked to not only develop our individual leadership skills, but to also plan how we can create a culture where other teens are invited to become leaders who are free to be their whole and true beautiful selves. These young women and men stepped into leadership as a team to decide what kind of culture they want to be apart of this summer during the City Spotlights Leadership Program, beginning in July. We set an agenda and honed our facilitation skills in hopes that we could foster an environment where art and leadership can come together. Time will tell if we achieve success. As of today the council is anti-bullying and negativity and pro love, creativity and unity.

Thank you to Citi Performing Arts Center for making the summer program (and jobs!) possible. Boston has proved to be strong yesterday and today. The Teen Leadership Council leaves no doubt in my mind that Boston will be even stronger and more peaceful when they're in charge tomorrow. They inspire me to create. They can inspire us all to be the change in the world that we seek.

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