The Magic of Storytelling at the J.F. Kennedy School

Posted 1 November 2013 12:00 AM by Kelly Prestel, Target Arts Teaching Artist

We are all storytellers. We share tales of our days at work, school, or play with our loved ones, with strangers, with our Facebook friends, with our private journals. There is an innate desire to share our experiences with others and find connections.

The act of storytelling takes flight when you throw in performing arts. By using our bodies and voices, we can communicate our stories with greater depth.

This fall, twenty four 4th graders at the JFKennedy Elementary School in Jamaica Plain are exploring different stories and how to tell them. Together, we are preparing an original devised folktale using performative storytelling. Our student performers are currently immersed in folktales, including our favorite, Medio Pollito! Using this oral tradition, they are learning how to tell their own stories and share their cultural experiences with others. It will be an exciting and magic-filled fall with Target Arts!

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