Passing Along Passion for the Arts as a Target Teaching Artist Assistant

Posted 9 October 2013 12:00 AM by Princess Bryant, Target Arts Teaching Artist Assistant, 4th Grade class at J. F. Kennedy Elementary School

Reading up on the mission and foundation of the Citi Performing Arts Center has made me 10 times more excited to be working with this organization. This education department has so much to offer to the new un-found artists in the city of Boston.

Growing up in the inner city of Boston, I was not exposed to the arts until middle school. I wish I was able to have teaching artists and assistants come into my classroom and expose me to their crafts. Thankfully, I am now a teaching artist assistant, and I will be able to impact many children in the city with my passion and love for the arts.

I hope that by working with the Citi Performing Arts Center for the Education Department, I develop a better sense of connecting with the children I work with. It is easy for me to connect because I am still a young artist, but I do need to learn how to make children understand that I take my artistry very, very seriously. It is my passion and my life and all I want to do it share it with the world.

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