City Spotlights: Making a Difference by Doing What You Love - The Arts!

Posted 10 September 2013 12:00 AM by Sam, 2013 City Spotlights Teen Leader

My experience at City Spotlights was AMAZING!!! It was a very friendly family environment. At City Spotlights there were different performing art specialties such as dance, singing and song-writing and theatre. All the different specialties coming together as one was beautiful and inspiring.

City Spotlights showed each and every one of the Teen Leaders that we can express ourselves in many POSITIVE ways. One positive thing from City Spotlights was the Power Lunch Wednesdays, because it was the day of the week where we all came together as a family and had lunch and talked to amazing role models about their careers and asked questions. We got to learn more and have different ideas about our future, and also about the changes we can make as an individual or as a group.

City Spotlights has a great and positive impact on the lives of Teen Leaders. We got to express ourselves and improve on what we love to do as an artist. We got to be role models for younger kids, such as at the community centers, where we went to talk to them about inequality and violence, how is it good or bad, how to make things better and when and how to avoid certain situations.

City Spotlights not only helped us to make a difference in other people’s lives and community but also to make us a better person and more aware of our surroundings. City Spotlights made me realize how one person can really make a difference, using words or our passion for performing arts. We also learned how we have to “Do what you love, and love what you do.”

City Spotlights was fun and educational. We were exposed to different forms of art even though we auditioned for certain performing arts. This is something I LOVE because when I auditioned I did only singing and a little dance. Being exposed to all the forms of arts, I realized I love theatre a lot and I improved on what I love to do. This is an amazing experience for Teen Leaders and it's an amazing opportunity for all of us!!!

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