Grandma's House

Posted 22 September 2014 12:00 AM by Clifton Williams, Music Teaching Artist Assistant

Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever not been sure of an answer? If you could have an infinite amount of time to find a solution to the problem, would you use it? I can't think of a better place to go than to Grandma's house. At Grandma's house, there is time for everything! At Grandma's house, it is as if life stops and all that matters is the ability to be yourself and let Grandma take care of you.

These past weeks in the City Spotlights Leadership Program, each teen leader spent the summer at “Grandma's house.” Life was put on pause, and everything that they wanted to accomplish was put on a to-do list and checked off as the adventure unfolded. Love and nurture filled all voids and for once life wasn't about being an adult but about embracing the ability to express who you are and develop naturally into whatever you wanted to be. They sang and danced and expressed their concerns about their community. They came together and established a bond you can only establish at a grandparent's house. Now, don't worry, “Grandma” was no old out-of-date old-fashioned senior. “Grandma” was cool, she was loving, and when the teen leaders needed help or got lost she was right there to point them in the right direction. She took them out on the town and showed them new dance moves and songs to sing. She taught them how to express themselves and reach deep inside themselves to give something pure to the world. Truly, there was no better time had then with being with “Grandma.”

Now that the summer is over, it is time to leave Grandma's house. Life is unpaused and the teen leaders drive off, looking in the distance, seeing “Grandma” wave anxiously and await them next year. They've learned so much at “Grandma's house.” The fun they've had and the memories they've shared will be just enough to ease the harsh subtleties of life. Here, all things were possible. Within weeks, the teens had built the character and had the desire to be excellent and show the world that they are special. Special indeed are the teen leaders. “Grandma” is ever so proud of them and knows without a doubt that she has raised bright individuals who will conquer the world with their talents and ecstatic personalities.

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