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Achieving Exceptional Potential with Roger Clap

Posted 20 April 2015 12:00 AM by Tessa Bry Taylor

The second grade class at Roger Clap is a spirited bunch, and this week I had the opportunity to watch their spirit collectively soar as they performed their play, We Are Culture, in front of a packed auditorium on a gorgeous spring day! Coupled with a publishing party celebrating in-class research projects that inspired their script, the students experienced a full afternoon of public speaking, sharing their creativity on the page and the stage.

Many of the students in this class expressed nervousness and shyness in the days leading up to our event, a common occurrence for all of us regardless of experience or age. However, when it came to their actual performance, many of them, including those who appeared the most timid to perform, spoke loudly and proudly, evincing the fact that an opportunity to perform in front of others can bring a sense of self-satisfaction, even at the tender age of 8!

I am so proud of these students for their hard work and ability overcome all of the little challenges any group process might bring. Learning to collaborate and respect each other’s ideas and words, this group of second graders demonstrated that coming together to make a decision, while sometimes difficult, can be achieved no matter how many voices in the chorus. They effectively explored theater while connecting their curriculum to their play and performed with zeal and zest at their showcase. I will miss them tremendously and all they have taught me about the value of culture and the joy collaborative work. Hats off to you second grade!!

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