Achieving the Impossible

Posted 14 August 2015 12:00 AM by Ryan

Over the past six weeks, I’ve had the incredible opportunity of teaching acting with the Teen Leaders of City Spotlights. It’s been a roller coaster of a summer, and watching these teens grow, develop, and express themselves through their art has been an extreme joy. I’ve watched them grow in confidence as performers and as advocates, I’ve seen them build an ensemble of 61 teens (a feat in itself), and I count myself lucky to have been witness to the impossible.

It’s easy to believe that miracles don’t exist. Sometimes we forget that impossible things happen everyday, but they can only happen because of the perseverance and unending commitment of the people who strive to create something good, something that can make a change. We saw that happen this summer in City Spotlights. The task we set in front of them was something even professional artists couldn’t dream of doing: become a supportive ensemble of 61 teens, create an entire show from scratch, rehearse and tech in three days, and perform in front of a crowd with only one run under your belt. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but these amazing teens did it. They rallied together and learned their material, they supported each other, they focused when it was of utmost importance, and they never lost sight of their goal. Their performance was extraordinary, and the feelings of pride and elation I felt as a member of their audience is something I will not soon forget.

The Teen Leaders of City Spotlights truly have achieved the impossible. They supported each other and raised each other up, and made a miracle happen. Here’s to the Teen Leaders of City Spotlights 2015, and the future miracles I know they will continue to create.

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